pxtone collab multiplayer-music-editor


pxtone collab (ptcollab) is a sample-based music editor where you can collaborate with friends! It's based off the music engine of pxtone, a music editor developed by Pixel, the creator of Cave Story and Kero Blaster.


ptcollab has many standard features you might expect from a music editor. If you've used pxtone collage before, the following will be familiar:

  • Note and parameter input (pan, volume, portamento, fine-tuning, effects)
  • Instrument import (ptvoice, ogg, wav, ptnoise)
  • Song parameter settings (tempo, time signature)

In addition, ptcollab supports:

  • Collaborative editing: host a server and have others connect and work with you!
  • Session recording: save a frame-by-frame recording of a session and play it back later!
  • MIDI input: Record notes either live while the song is playing, or using keyboard controls to step through time.


The latest version is just below! It includes an instrument starter pack and a few sample songs. If you haven't used pxtone before however, check out the resources farther down for more instruments and songs.

Also check out here for a getting-started guide, hosting a server, etc.

Questions & contributing

For other operating systems and older releases, check out the source repo.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me there, by email, or in Discord (server link below).



Huge thanks to everyone who helped support this! pxtone collage is a wonderful music tool and this is I hope is seen as a kind of tribute to the artist community that's flourished around it. Here's a tentative running thank-you list - please let me know if I forgot anyone:

  • Pixel for making such an awesome music software!
  • Testers (jaxcheese, neozoid, steedfarmer, ewangreen, gkpotter, arcofdream, jade, others I've probably missed), for making tunes together, and giving great feedback!
  • jaxcheese, Ronto_255, ArcOfDream, and neozoid for providing demo tunes!
  • steedfarmer for helping me hunt down this nasty networking bug!
  • arcofdream for helping conceptualize the UI, giving valuable feedback, and promoting this!
  • arcofdream, nanoplink, easynam for general programming, UX discussion and consulting!
  • gkpotter and arcofdream for helping getting this ready for release!
  • steedfarmer for figuring out the mac build, and gkpotter for providing the deployment!
  • crummybowl for testing & suggesting improvements (preview with all units)
  • OPNA2608 for helping with packaging and getting this to build properly!
  • Everyone on ptweb and the discord servers for making such great tunes!